Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Invitations: A Year of Purple (Invitatii de nunta: un an de mov)

This was definitely a summer of purple wedding invitations.
And I have made hundreds of them myself. Too many to show in a single post so I am starting a series of purple wedding invitation posts to show you all my purple designs.

Anul acesta a fost, fara-ndoiala un an al invitatiilor de nunta mov. Eu insami am facut cateva sute, prea multe pentu a le prezenta intr-un singur articol. Incep deci o serie de articole cu invitatii de nunta mov pe care le-am realizat vara aceasta.

Alexandra & Edward

I spent 1 month making Alexandra's invitations and another moth designing them before this.
I ended up making over 300 invitations, each in its individual box tied with a purple satin ribbon.
You may remember this post when I had already made 275 of them.

Am lucrat 1 luna la invitatiile Alexandrei si inca o lunai inainte la design.
Am facut peste 300 de bucati, fiecare in cutia ei legata cu funda de saten.

The invitations were handed in white boxes tied with purple satin ribbon in a large bow.
Invitatiile au fost inmanate in cutii albe legate cu funde mari de saten mov.

Inside the couple's picture in black and white. They hired a professional photographer for these pictures and it was sure worth it.
In interior, poza mirilor alb-negru. Au angajat un fotograf profesionist sa le faca pozele si, dupa cum vedeti, a meritat.

Their invitation was gatefold, embossed with the cuttlebug *textile* folder.
Invitatia este tip *gatefold* stantata cu modelul *textile* de la cuttlebug.

The text was printed on vellum using an elegant font to compliment Alexandra's elegant theme.
Textul a fost tiparit pe hartie de calc folosind un font elegant, asortat cu tema nuntii Alexandrei.

Her mother wanted colored photos so I made a few invitations using the color version of their photo.
Pentru invitatii mamei miresei am facut cateva invitatii cu poza color.


June Houck said...

Beautiful, Meda! I love purple :)

Yvonne said...

STUNNING. love them so much. So beautiful. All the months of doing them really paid off!

csroyal said...

Beautiful, Meda! I can't wait to see more.

Elaine A said...

Stunning Meda -

Purple is my favorite color and this look so very elegant!

Elaine Allen

Beth said...

WOW Meda beautiful invitations lovely design and I just love the vellum overlay and those colors yummy.

Unknown said...

Hello Med,

In March this year you wrote a comment on my blog to send you a link. I so sorry but I just forget.

Thank you for your comment!
And I like youw blog. What a beautiful things!!!!

shapattnson said...

i adore with this card wish i can have this on my wedding ..very nice beautiful and creative

Meda said...

Well, who says you can't?

Anonymous said...

where did u find the purple paper??

Meda said...

The purple paper is distributed by a German company:
I order it from them. The paper is plain and then I emboss it using my cutttlebug machine.

Sugar Drops said...

I would love for you to make me some invitations for my wedding come soon.... or can you show me how to do these invites...this would awesome for my wedding GOD bless you!!!

Meda said...

Depends on what tools and skills you have I could send you precut materials to work with. Just drop me an email if interested.

Sugar Drops said...

my e-mail address is
Thanks so much for all your help.... This is really a blessing.

AlwayzTherro said...

Hi I was wondering who & where can I get this wedding invitations? and how much would you charge for 200 invitations.

V_reyes said...

hi i was wondering who & where i can get invitations made just like the one above their abosolutley gorgeous...
p.s. i was also wondering where did you get the box from? I've been looking for similar ones but can't seem to find any.

Юлия said...

Hello!) Such gorgeous invitations! I love them so much!
I do scrapbooking a little. Can You please share your templates, so I can try to do these great invitations?!=)

Thanks a lot!

my e-mail: