Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Wonderland Invitations Part 2

I am back with more winter wonderland invitations.
Here is part one.
And here is the winter wonderland guest book post.


With its muted palette of metallic white-grey, silver and ice blue, this invitation has been a real heat.
I may be discontinuing it for 2015 though or change the design a bit.


This one is a one time invitation. Inspired by the Ice Crystal design above, I was asked to make it 5x7 for cheaper mailing and I also added this delicate lacy snowflake.
Unfortunately the die only performed well on the first few cuts, that it was a pain to cut through the approx. 100 snowflakes I needed.
I can't remember who makes it. I will have to look on the label and come back. Anyway, it's beautiful and can be great for card making. I think I only payed £5 for it. I'd rather pay more and get longer life for my dies though. Personally I prefer the deeper blade dies that come with ejection foam like the old cuttlebug dies or some of the sizzix.

My mother helping me melt the embossing powder.


These are just some of the designs I made while working on other custom orders.
My best ideas come from the messiest creative chaos. Take that away and you leave me without my source of inspiration which is almost my current state after giving up my rented studio space and moving back home with work. Luckily I still have lots of unexplored ideas. More about that in a future post.


This is another design I initially made while working on something else. Somehow a sweet sixteen i aqua blue met some lace and one of my beaded snowflakes.

Then I listed it in my Etsy shop. And then I made some more. I only have some ugly photos I took with my phone (which is a great phone otherwise) but I still wanted to share.


This was another Etsy order I had the pleasure of working on. The invitation is not new but the challenge was to make the information fit on the enclosure cards.
Ana wanted two cards but I couldn't fit the accommodation information on the Directions cards without spoiling the layout.

The accommodation info said "Your room has been reserved for you" which gave me the idea of making the cards like they were some hotel keys. The bride loved it and I loved being able to infuse some creativity in my work. Things like this can make me happier than $1000 which is why I am such a lousy business person :)

Winter Wonderland Invitations Part 1

Winter is almost over so I thought I would say goodbye to it by showing you my collection of Winter Wonderland or Frozen theme invitations. I sure made lots of them this winter thanks to Disney's beautiful movie.

It all started 2 years ago with my friend's Raluca's wedding. Read the story about her invitations here. Not too many people get married in winter so she made a real impression.

I made the same design for baby baptism this year.


I made these in full summer. That was when I realized not only Australia but also Brasil had winter when we had summer.

The pictures don't show their real beauty.
Each page was painted with two shades of shimmery watercolors, then we added white glitter for extra sparkle.

Same treatment for the snowflakes.
There is something zen about making invitations by hand. I mean really by hand not like printing a full color invitation and tying a bow on it.


You already know this set from my Winter Wonderland guestbook post, but I wanted to show you more pictures of the money envelopes.

They were inspired by this one. I really like the vintage cottage feel you get by printing on textured cream paper.


Working with Ailin was such a wonderful experience. She was one of those non-Bridezillas who know what they want, yet they give you breathing space, who have a clear deadline but they don't e-mail you every day to see how their order goes. Thank you, Ailin, I will always treasure making these for you.

Hand stamped snowflakes on the envelopes using 2 shades of blue to match the beads colors.

Here is what I started from. Mixing beads is even better than mixing paint. That is why I am a stationery artist, not a painter :)

And the matching guest book I made for Ailin.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Wonderland Guest Books (Carti de oaspeti Regatul Inghetat)

Happy new year!

With the Disney "Frozen" movie being so en vogue right now, the winter season caught me making winter wonderland invitations and matching guestbooks which I really enjoyed. Although they were all going in different places and they were ordered about the same time, I couldn't make them identical and I still have a few ideas left.

This first guestbook was made for a wedding in Paris. My heart is with you Ailin, and with everyone in France living under terror after the recent attacks. May God protect you from any harm.

This one was made for a little boy's christening. You can also see the matching invitations and place card/money envelope.

Last but not least, Eva's christening guest book. God bless you little princess.

On a more personal note, the beginning of the year found me setting goals and making plans.
One of them regards this blog which has been much neglected from lack of time and will.
I was wondering, should I continue posting, is anyone still following? Anyway I am going to try and post at least 3 times per month if not for anything else, for practicing discipline.

What would you like to read about?

I can't do videos. I lack the technology and the will to learn how to do it.... for now.
I have also decided to step back on card making.
I still make wedding invitations, but that isn't coming easy in lack of a messy creative space. Renting a studio had become too expensive so I decided to work from home in order to give more time and attention to my family.

In exchange I have got back to fine art. Whether it's a large mixed media canvas or an online watercolor course, I find myself often with a brush and pain in my hands. My older son, Iona, seems to be following in my footsteps which makes my heart sing with joy., that was a long post. I really missed you. Have a lovely 2015.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cotton Flowers Invitations (Invitatii cu flori de bumbac)

Some cotton flower invitation ideas. These are not finished invitations, just ideas or 'SKETCHES' how I like to call them, but I love the idea so much I decided to share it with you.

Cateva idei de invitatii cu flori de bumbac. Am fost tare incantata de idee si de rezultat, asa ca am decis sa vi le arat.