Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loukia's Lavender and Diamond Invitations (Invitatiile Loukiei in culorile diamantului si lavandei)

Writing last night's post made it all come back to me and I couldn't stop blogging about these invitations. The design is not something completely new, but the relationship I developed with Loukia while making them is something special I will always cherish in my heart.

It all began with an e-mail froma future bride in Cyprus.
She was looking for something lacy to match her lovely dress and incorporate lavender and white, her wedding colors.

Articolul de ieri mi-a amintit de  Loukia si placerea de a lucra cu ea la realizarea invitatiilor pe care si le-a dorit: albe cu lila/lavanda si dantela. Iata si rochia cu care trebuiau asortate.

I made a few different samples based on her requests.

Am facut patru modele dupa descrierea ei, iar aleasa stiti deja care a fost.

By now you know what her choice was.

And it was such a pleasure to work with Loukia and make her invitations. I was even inspired to make a flower from her ribbon scraps.

Lucrul la realizarea invitatiilor a fost de a semnea o placere incat dupa ce le-am terminat am mai avut chef sa incerc o floare din resturile de panglica.


Anonymous said...

Buna! Se poate reface acest model de invitatii(cel cu fundite mari lila). Si daca da, la ce pret. Multumesc.

Meda said...

Da,se poate reface. 9.5 lei/buc

Anonymous said...

What kind of embossing folder did you use? Size? I have seen it, but cant remember :)

Meda said...

It is called Victoria and is made by Provo Craft (cuttlebug). I think the size is A2.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Liliana said...

Ati putea crea asa invitatii de culoare albastra deschisa? Daca da, la ce pret si de unde le trimiteti?

Meda said...

Da, se pot face orice culoare. Suntem in Cluj.
Detalii gasiti aici:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your invites. What do you charge per invite and how soon can you complete 110.

Meda said...

You can find all the info in my shop:

It is usually 2 weeks production + at least 1 week shipping