Monday, December 1, 2008

An Apple a Day... ( Un mar pe zi...)

Well I wish I could paint an apple a day or anything for that matter, but I can't do card making and painting at the same time so I usually take turns. I wonder what this week will be about as I still have a lot of Christmas cards to make. These are 2 of my studies from about a month ago. My aim here was to learn to paint loosely and still achieve accurate shape and volume (the green apple). The red apples don't really look like apples, but I like the bright colors. Like all the beginners I tend to have muddy colors in my watercolor paintings, but I sure hope to improve.

Mi-ar place sa pot picta cate un mar pe zi sau ceva de genul asta, dar e imposibil sa si pictezi si sa faci si felicitari in acelasi timp asa ca le fac pe rand. Inca nu stiu ce voi faec saptamana acesta. Ma tenteaza pictura, dar se apropie Craciunul si mai am inca multe felicitari de facut. Vad ca ma cam intind cu scrisul, deci, pe scurt, merele sunt studii de acuarela, incercari de a reda volum fara sa amestec prea mult culorile pentru a pastra stralucirea si prospetimea specifice acestei tehnici.


Manna said...

You can this beginner stuff? Jaw dropping here, BTW! Beautiful. Love the bright colours and the spatters & spills :)

megat said...

your picture very beautiful and make me excited. I come again

escoret said...

your blog very nice.

do you have made the stuff from candle ?
i think will be nice.


Meda said...

Hi Pepeng,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I did try candle making (both gel and normal wax) but there are so many great candles out there for sale in gift shops that it is simply not worth it. Buying he materials for candle making from a craft store is very expensive.