Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Pennant Notebook (Carnetel roz cu stegulete)

I looove bookbinding!!!

I love that they can be very useful. I love that through bookbinding you can recycle those ever growing scrap piles.

This one has cream pages (left overs from some money envelopes I have made). I got the pattern paper cover from Val a few years ago and have been waiting for that special project to use it. And finally, some pink touches and a pink thread for the binding and the pennant string.

I am submitting this to the Craft Garden October Challenge which requires the use of pink ribbon, lace or yarn.

Here are some close-up pictures of the binding. Looove how beautiful this ancient binding technique looks!

I will post the notebook on my Things For Sale page and my online shop.


Court said...

You should do a tutorial on the binding! I would be so interested to see how you did it! It certainly does look beautiful!

Laura said...

uaaaa ce dragut arata!!! :) Imi place mult combinatia de culori ... asa pastelata... ciar te pricepi la legat chestii :)

Bev Gerard said...

Ohhhhh, Meda!
I'm so glad that you've entered the world of book-binding! I've known one other person in the past who did this .... and I'm so happy to see it here by your creative hands! This could be a brand new addition for your ever-growing business!

See Tex ((((smile for you))))!