Monday, November 8, 2010

Butterflies Heat Embossing - Back in Time (Facand fluturi- inapoi in timp)

I still haven't found the pictures I was looking for, bu I found this instead:

It's from the time I was heat embossing whith my clothes Iron. That's right, I didn't have a heat gun from the beginning.

I went to Germany in the summer of 2007 and bought my first real craft supplies from a store in Ulm. I was so overwhelmed by so many things a vailable that I needed my husband to help me chose rationally what to buy and what not. I didn't want to spend too much.

Embossing powder was among the things I bought and I first tried it with my sister-in-law's electric stove.

Now this is from more recent time. Same butterflies, better tools (I now own a heat gun).

I still cut them by hand using my manicure scissors which has been long ago repurposed to detail cutting scissors.
Las week someone wanted to know what "machinery" I am using to make them, as they were looking for a more reasonably priced option. Well, here's your machinery: butterfly stamp, embossing ink, heat gun , vellum paper, detail scissors, a good pair of eyes and steady hands. Add TIME and PASSION and the recipe is complete.

my detail scissors

my heat gun and some stamps

I really like cutting :)


Lollyrot said...

totul are un inceput:d imi plac dintisori:X f nice

Court said...

I need a dose of your patience for cutting - I think you will make a great mom with this quality - but my least favorite part is cutting and yours always look SO perfect! Well done you! It's its own kind of art form!

Myrna said...

Thank you so much for posting this blog. I have always loved your butterflies and seeing how you do it makes it so much nicer. I appreciate all the work you put into your projects and look forward to seeing your blog.

Catrick said...

I like cutting out, too. 75 wedding invitations cut by hand later...with the new batch this time around my Gazelle is getting a workout. Love your work.


vero said...

Se vede ca-ti place ceea ce faci:). Putini se pot lauda cu asta. Esti o norocoasa;)***.

***dupa principiul norocul si-l face omul cu mana lui


Meda said...

Nu pot decat sa fiu de acord.

Laura said...

Ioi ce-mi plac fluturii tai!!! Ma intorc si eu la "supplies" sa-mi fac cativa!!! :) Si ala pe care mi l-ai dat l-am lipit cu tragere de inima pe o a fost admirat de toata lumea!
SUPERBI! Cine are imaginatie se descurca si fara lucruri scumpe de craft!