Friday, November 26, 2010

Parisian Chic Invitation - Little Paris Version

How many of you knew that Bucharest, the capital of my country, is called Little Paris? I know one of my followers does (Sorry I can't find your blog link. I know you have a post about this subject).

When I designed the Parisian Chic Invitation I had no intention of making more than one because it took me forever to finish it. Adhering the ribbon is a real pain. However, here I am making a new color version for someone in Bucharest.

I replaced the black butterfly with a purple one, the pink ribbon with white and also modified the damask pattern to match the new color scheme. While I still love my original design I couldn't help noticing how this one has a charm of its own, more soft and delicate.

Of course it has a matching box though the invitation is not too bulky to be sent in an envelope. I am entering this project to the Crafty Cardmakers Challenge: Spotlight on Containers and Fancy Envelopes.

And this is the version I personally prefer. As I was saying in my previous post, I am looking for myself in every design I make and so, while I was making the purple butterfly version, I tried more combinations until I found the one that I like the most. I would definitely change the box too. I don't know how yet. Probably a simple white organza bow to tie it close...


Alina said...

E asa de finuta si de eleganta!!! Foarte frumoasa!

SOS said...

So beautiful!! I like violet butterfly

Tatanky said...

All I can say is GORGEOUS. Although I do prefer the original color combo in black and pink. Still this one is lovely and the matching box adds a touch of sophistication.

Court said...

Gorgeous. This would be beautiful for a Bridal Shower too. :)

Whimcees said...


So beautiful! I also love the original colors! Wonderful design!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Barbara Diane

Whimcees said...


So beautiful! I love the original colors also! Wonderful design!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Barbara Diane

sassyb07 said...

Meda this is so pretty! I love the purple one, although the white one is very pretty too!
hugs, Valerie

Josephine said...

They're all so beautifully elegant, and the box is gorgeous.

Thanks for joining us in the spotlight at Crafty Cardmakers this time.

Myrna said...

These are both so lovely. My preference of course is the purple.
But they are all beautiful.

Beth said...

Beautiful Meda but I do like the purple better makes the butterfly stand out more.