Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purple and Silver Invitations: Random Image From My Studio

Although my mother says I have the belly of a spider and I have only 1 month until our baby is born there is still this strange energy source that draws me to my crafting passion.
Today I am making invitations in some wonderful hues of purples mixed with a little silver and drops of black and white.

The image above is one I snapped while working on the samples and that box ended up on top of the envelope stack. I thought they looked great together.

I gather these snapshots of my work table in a folder to use as inspiration for future projects.


Donna said...

Gorgeous invitations! I love that color combination. Won't be long now. I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Cred ca ai consumat tot tusul din imprimanta la aceste invitatii.

Meda said...

Sau poate ca nu folosesc o imprimanta cu tus...

Anonymous said...

Am crezut ca folosesti o imprimanta cu tus, deoarece se vede marginea alba de la taierea cartonului.

Court said...

These are beautiful!

Myrna said...

This is beautiful and the colors are so striking. Love your work.

Bev Gerard said...

I so understand your impulse to take the photos for future inspiration, Meda. I often reflect back to my own previous works to gather ideas as to what I 'could do', etc.

It's hard to believe that your baby will be here so soon, although I recall this stage myself, simply wanting to meet our cherished blessing 'now'! lol

Hang in there, sweet mother-to-be. The future is yours to behold very soon!


sassyb07 said...

Hi Meda,
your invitations look wonderful and I love your purple bow.
I hope your pregnancy is going well for you....another month and you'll be a mommy! How great is that, LOL! Can't wait to see a photo of you and baby
hugs, Valerie