Monday, January 31, 2011

What does a pregnant woman do when she is too tired to stand?

This pregnant woman likes to take her new pocket size sketchbook and a pencil, sit somewhere comfortable and sketch.

I used to lay down and read during the first trimester, but laying on my back is not an option in month no. 9.
I still do a lot of work in the mornings, but I feel exhausted in the evenings. However, going to bed early will only mean insomnia and I don't want that, so thank God for drawing.

I sometimes also sit at my work table and add some watercolor to the pencil drawing. Love how this orchid came out. I am thinking to transform it into a digital image and use it on wedding invitations.


Donna said...

What a great idea. Hope everything is going well and your remaining time will be quick and uneventful. Let us know when the baby arrives! Big hugs!

R.Maria Sabina(Lollyrot) said...

o gravida cu talent!e important sa nu lasi stresul sau oboseala sa te domine:) iar tu o faci foarte bine.

Juliana said...

Hang on there! Month 9 is definitely the toughest:)
From my own experience I can say that a pregnant woman can lay on her side or sit on a huuuge pillow on the floor:)leaning against the wall....
Now, my little princess is already 1,9 yrs old and it is more difficult to find time to create:))...and still quoting someone famous- children are way more trouble and happiness that we could have ever imagined. Completely agree:)

Catrick said...

Another gorgeous painting to add to your collection. It would make a beautiful digital image!

It won't be long now...when is your actual due date?

Still haven't framed your lovely picture. I have everything and I hope to do it this weekend.


Meda said...

Thanks! Due date is February 25.

Daniela said...

Foarte frumos.
Pe curand.

planetaoma said...

Imi place foarte mult orhideea pe care ai facut-o. Si picturile de pe peretele prietenei tale imi plac. Eu am niste fluturi pe un perete, dar cu sablon.