Friday, February 11, 2011

Who is Behind Handmade by Meda

I have a hard time with words when it comes about my work. There is too much to say and I always get lost in details. Each invitation has a story, each story has a part of my soul in it.

When "File de Nunta", a new Romanian wedding planning blog, asked to write about my work I was thrilled. I took it as a challenge and spent one week writing, deleting and rewriting.

You can read the article here.

I really love how they presented my work. It was a delight to read it this morning when I woke

(It's in Romanian but you could use a translation widget to decipher it. If not, at least you can admire the pictures. Love them all together. I was never good about making collages of my own images)


sassyb07 said...

wow Meda!
I too have troubles expressing myself but must say although I didn't understand the language (will get hubby to put it into english for me) how they set your images up are amazing and of course one can see just how talented you truly it and have saved it til hubby can translate it...
hugs, Valerie

alina said...

congratulations, Meda, so deserved!
hugs, Alina

Anonymous said...

wow, congrats!