Saturday, April 30, 2011

DIY Invitation Kits

It's hard to refuse someone who really wants my invitations. Nevertheless, this is what I have been doing every morning since February.

I don't have the time to spend on designing and making as many invitations as I used to, but I managed to set up do-it-yourself kits in some cases and everyone was happy.

This is the first kit I made for Alexa. She got her special handmade invitations cheaper because she assembled them herself and I had more time to spend on other designs.


Anca said...

Nemaipomenit, Meda! Grozavă idee! Eu cred că atunci când pui suflet în ceea ce faci lucrurile vin înspre tine și te ajută să împlinești ce vrei să faci. Citind postarea ta, mi se confirmă asta.

Bev Gerard said...

Oh Meda! This could truly be a workable answer for your beautiful designs, while you're caring for your tiny blessing at the same time! I'm smiling at the mere idea of this!


Tatanky said...

Great idea Meda ! You're very creative so I'm not surprised that you come up with an answer to your current situation. The key is to enjoy life :D

sassyb07 said...

what a wonderful idea Meda! Good luck
hugs, Valerie