Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mama & Iona

Just a short photo shooting on the terrace this morning.
I'm a lousy photographer, living proof that an expensive camera is not enough. Not to mention blogger photo resizing.


Court said...

When you have someone that cute in the photo, it doesn't matter how the picture was taken. :)

Tincha said...


Catrick said...

He is growing so fast! I agree with "Court" does not matter the is the image and the memory.


Bev Gerard said...

Your Mother looks so naturally 'in Grandmotherly love' with Iona! And he seems to be saying, "Hey! This is my time with my Grandma!
Just a precious photo!


sassyb07 said...

beautiful picture Meda! He's growing so fast, LOL
hope things are good for you
hugs, Valerie

Rosie said...

I think your picture is perfect! You got the two best people in it and thats what counts. He sure is growing fast and so cute! And that is one happy grammy!!