Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back in Time: Making Custom Love Doves Invitations

I have made so many invitations that I never published! It's time I started revealing them and some of their stories. I made this Love Doves invitation 4 years ago. The bride wanted the doves image but I thought it was just too simple on it's own so I added the ribbon and pearl.

Someone recently assumed it was hard to begin making invitations without tools and materials.
No, it wasn't. I used book board as cutting mat  and my only tools were a pencil, a ruler and a retractable blade cutter. But I loved doing it. It was fun and challenging to find ways to make do with whatever I had on hand.

Emil and Ramona were married in 2007. Back then the wedding industry in Romania was at it's very beginning. I think they were my second customer (not counting the invitations I made for free for friends and family).

I was just back from a vacation in Germany with my first non-basic tools: stamps, stamp pad, cutting mat. Below are some work-in-progress pictures.

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Laura said...

:) Ce tare! Chiar asa e! E mult mai provocator sa faci chestii daca nu ai materiale scumpe si gata facute :) si mai distractiv!