Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cherry Blossom Violette Invitation

I would normally not show you this invitation until next year. But I really like it and since the bride wants something a little different I will post it now.

The round gatefold shape and satin bow is nothing new to my work, but I love the harmony between the colors and textures.
This particular shade of purple goes perfectly with the dark brown of the branches and cherry blossom pink. Also the satin paper, satin bow and translucid paper create a silky texture texture that makes you want to touch this invitation.

It all looks lovely in the autumn sun, like a promise of the spring that is yet so far away.

And sorry if it all seems too poetic. I always become melancholic at this time of the year.


Anonymous said...

How truly beautiful Meda...What beautiful detail!!!TFS
Hope you and your wee one are well:) xxx

Court said...

These are ridiculously beautiful Meda!!!

Bev Gerard said...

LOVE this beauty, Meda!
And please ... never doubt your poetic license. Your work speaks for itself, and always amplifies your thoughts/creative endeavors.


Catrick said...

Awesome Meda...love the colors. Where ever did you get the blossom image from?


Meda said...

Thanks Cathy. You know by now that I never make a thing without sweating.
I worked 2 days to make that vector image, flower by flower. Send me an e-mail if you want it and I will transform it into a usable format for you.

Anonymous said...

I too love your creativity. May I also get the blossom image? Krisburn@aol.com