Friday, January 6, 2012

Purple and White Splendor. The Wedding Invitations.

Celebrating purple!
This post is part of a special series dedicated to one of my favorite brides in 2011 and to my dear brother who is getting married this summer.

To everyone else who is having a purple and white celebration this year, stay tuned for a series of posts inspired by Diana's wedding.

As I am posting this image I realize how many things tie around this invitation. The brides initials are "DA". Then, looking at the shades of purple and white that I used for this design, I realize we have Diamond white paper and Amethyst crystal. Again, DA.

I  just love this coincidence stuff!
And the story goes on...

Diana had no less then 3 types of invitations. The thing they all had in common was diamond white paper, amethyst satin ribbon and purple Swarovsky Cristals.
The difference: price range.
I also used a special diamond-white lace Diana picked herself from another town. Unfortunately for other brides I don't think this lace is available anymore.

Design 1.

Custom designed pocket, tied with a purple bow and accented with an Amethyst crystal. Die cut tag for guest name attached with silver thread.

Design 2.

Added my signature boxes tied with a large satin bow, moved the lace on the inside card and complimented with a tiny bow and a small crystal on top.

Design 3.  Luxury invitations.

While I was working on Diana's design, I also had Irina's sapphire invitations in production.
So  I made a purple version and a few special guest received their invitations in these magnificent magnetic closure boxes topped with intricate jewels. The inside was padded with satin so they can also be used as trinket boxes.

On my next post I will show you my very first bridal shower invitations which were also designed at Diana's request.

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