Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sweet 16 Masquerade Invitations in Dusty Rose, Ivory and Damask

Some of my favorite masquerade invitations so far: subtle hues of pink on shimmer ivory stock and a touch of damask elegance.

While I was working on the design I tried adding feathers, but these invitations were simply too delicate even for the soft and fluffy feathers.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a sweet 16 in December it's a masquerade ball and the theme color is red,gold,black and white I wanted to know if I made you do 150 for me or less how much will you charge? I will email you now

Meda said...

This design was $3.80 (card + envelope + RSVP + envelope). Colors can be changed. It depends a lot on the final design, but lowest price on our masquerade invitations (card + envelope is $3).