Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Touch of Vintage

With every request that I get it is becoming clearer that this year is going to be a very romantic one in terms of weddings. Soft colors, pinks, whites, lavender, roses, flowers, lace, and just a touch of vintage.

This design is no exception. It is basically a remake of an older Vintage-romantic butterfly invitation  I made 2 years ago.

I just changed the envelope with a pearlized white one and replaced the flowers with whatever I had in my flower box at the moment.

As with many of my designs, reproduction is dependent on availability of materials. I am often using supplies I have in my studio and create just for the sake of creation. By the time I post a picture online and you see it, these materials might be discontinued.
The fun part is creating a similar, yet different invitation for every bride.

How about a matching dress?


Lindy said...

your creativity leaves me speechless. You are amazing. Beautiful!!!

Meda said...

Thank you so much, Lindy!