Friday, March 2, 2012

Masquerade Wedding Invitations in Royal Red, Gold and Black

Wondering if I will ever cover the gap between all the designs I ever made and the ones I get to post on the blog.
I think this is a 2010 design when I was so in love with the royal looks of rich reds combined with black and off white with gold accents on top.
I made several combinations of these, but I think these must have been my favorites since I even made a group photo.

What is your favorite color combination/style this year? I think I am leaning towards monochromatic.


Venus said...

Hello Meda! My name is Venus. I'm from the Philippines. I really admire your invitations. I also design invitations, I'm inviting you to visit my blog at


Catherine Novella said...

I love your invitations they are amazing. I was wondering how much is for this one and how many comes per each packet? Thank you please contact me in