Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Ruby" Invitation Collection

"Ruby" collection was born while I was designing Anca B.'s wedding stationery.
A combination of royal colors, damask pattern, crystals in the color of rubies, feathers, metallic paper... all these define like no other the style of Invitatii Couture. 


Black and white damask raised pattern, burgundy lace cord and a square burgundy jewel on top. The dark red envelopes ads to the elegance of this invitation.


A white fluffy feather adorned with a beautiful round jewel.
I changed the lace cord to white and the envelope to silver to achieve a softer elegance.


My favorite of the collection. I think the dark envelope with a dark red rhinestone makes this invitations look mysterious beyond elegant.
I know not many couples will dare have black envelopes to their wedding invitations and you don't have to. This was mainly art for the sake of art, real soul nourishment between client work.


This design is saying goodbye to the dark colors. I only kept the red lace cord and small red rhinestone on the envelope.

 Of course you can have a red envelope instead.
How about this matching menu? The big jewel just happened to lay around on the table and I loved the look so I had to snap a photo.

RUBY #5 (The Chosen Ones)

These are the winners for Anca's wedding. We also made menus, table numbers and candy bar labels.

More on this set with real wedding pictures coming soon.


Court said...

These are SO beautiful Meda!!!

Catrick said...

My favorite colors!