Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Glasses - Remembering of Summer

Although not necessarily my style I chose to post these glasses because the flowers and the light in the photo remind me of summer.

It is already  too cold for my taste and  I regret the coming of winter more than ever before. I wish I could just hide until spring.

Anyway, since I can't hide, you can find me and more of these wedding glasses at Salonul Mireselor - Expo Transilvania (Cluj-Napoca) 25-28 oct. 2012.

Also great thanks to Made.In.Transilvania for publishing my tutorial on how to make your own wrapping paper.

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Catrick said...

Congrats on the magazine articles...sorry but, I like winter. I like the fresh, crispness of snow on a chilly sunny day. I like the softening of sound. I like watching my dog bounce in and out of snowbanks barking at snow flakes that land on her nose. I like watching my grandchildren bundled up so they can't put their arms down.....