Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations (Invitatii Iarna ca-n povesti)

The first winter wedding invitations ever made in our studio for nobody else's but my colleague's wedding.

She actually designed this all by herself with just a little insight from me here and there. I think she will never forget how much work creating a new designs actually involves. She spent one full week passing from excitement to disappointment and back to excitement. However it was all worth it. I really love the outcome.


Iarna, anotimp care imi palce doar privit pe fereastra de la gura sobei, dar trecand peste preferintele mele personale, iata ca prima persoana care beneficiaza de Invitatii Couture cu tema "Iarna ca-n povesti" este chiar colega mea, Raluca.

Designer... tot ea, si cu ocazia asta a aflat cum se poate lucra o saptamana intreaga la un singur model, trecand in repetate randuri de la agonie la extaz :))

Here are a few of the design ideas that didn't make it but might be someone else's favorite.

Si cele 2 finaliste (cea de-a treia cu hartia transparenta rupta e alternativa mea :)

Finally, here are some work in progress pictures:

Si in cele din urma sa va arat procesul de "fabricatie" pe care l-am fotografiat de cate ori am prins cate o gramajoara draguta pe masa de lucru a Ralucai sa le aiba amintire pentru dupa nunta.

1. Die cutting the snowflakes
1. Decuparea fulgilor de nea.

2. Massive snow falls...
2. In urma unor cadei masive de zapada...

I don't have pictures of the rest of the steps but I guess you can figure them out. All that is missing at this point is adding the small Swarovsky crystals for extra shine on the turquoise background, and fillthe pockets with the silver text cards printed in shads of gray. Next the invitations are wrapped with a translucent paper with the guests names printed on them. Silver outer envelopes are used for the ones sent by mail. The envelopes have the guest and return address printed in the same colors and fonts to match the entire ensemble.

Am cam ratat restul pasilor. Aceste asunt invitatiile aproape ga. Mai lipsesc micile cristale Swarovsky care dau stralucire fundalului turquoise nins si cartoanele argintii cu textul tiparit in nuante de gri.

Fiecare invitatie vine apoi introdusa intr-un brau din hartie transparenta pe care am tiparit numele invitatilor, iar pentru cele trimise prin posta am folosit pliccuri gri-argintiu cu adresa destinatarului tiaparita astfel incat intregul ansamblu sa fie unitar.


Catrick said...

Just gorgeous, Meda. Your colleague did a wonderful job!

Antonia said...

With what did you make the snowflakes ? I love them . Did you use a punch or a die?

Meda said...

Yes, I initially used a dye from my stash to cut them.

Anonymous said...

Hi! May i know how did you make the fifth invitation in the fourth photo?

Meda said...

Sorry, your question is not very clear. I only see 4 invitations in the 4th photo.