Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm on Etsy!

I have finally opened an Etsy shop: InvitatiiCouture.
I have been thinking about it for years but have been hesitant and waited for the RIGHT TIME to do it.


I needed a place where people could have a quick look at my style, price range, production time, shipping and other policies.
Finally, this fall I had to admit I wasn't going to make a real website at least until the kids go to school and I would have to make do with Etsy+Blog.

I needed a place where people could order quickly if they wanted a design I already had in my portfolio.

And honestly, I needed to make more money and get more value from the work I had already done. Some times I work for a full week on a single design and not only it never gets posted, but it happened to never hear from that client again or to be told 'Thank you, but I found someone else...*insert various reasons*'

I am hoping that my Etsy shop will allow me to showcase work that I am really proud of and never had the chance to show it simply because the bride has chosen something else or I didn't have time to post it on the blog.

I am hoping that with this new shop, you will be able to see my creations in a more compact and organized form than scrolling down through my blog posts.

Please have  a look at it and tell me what you think.
I will be adding more and more products as time allows, so check back often.