Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Non Traditional Valentine

How come I am posting another black & white card? I don't know. I could have chosen the purple one I have created for this valentine season. Anyway, I don't like Valentine's day because of all the commercial fuss that goes with it. I like the love theme instead so I decided to make some cards. This is one of them. Non traditional and somehow strange for a card. Maybe I could add a sentiment to this design. Thanks to my Texas friend, Bev, I now have sentiment stamps and not just any brand but Stampin' UP!
Card details: heart using patterned paper I have made myself using small stamps from Germany and scalloped scissors for the black outline; mesh received from my other Texas friend, Kim; pearls I bought long ago to make my wedding necklace, black stickers of unknown brand (see this card and this card using the same stickers); book binding covers for card base.

Since I feel like not doing what I should tonight I'm not writing the Romanian version of this post. :)


Manna said...

Wow, Meda. This is beautiful! I love the colours!

Tex said...

This design is delightful, Meda! I love the angle, and the way the elements work so well in unison!


Julia Stainton said...

Wow! THis is incredibly creative and stunning!

Chat said...

Love the look and Black and White especially on this card.