Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Treasure Box

I have another decoupage box to show you this week. It is amazing what results you can achieve with this technique and the supplies you need are very cheap: decoupage glue and napkins. Acrylic paint is also something I use a lot with decoupage. For this little box I used black paint inside to give the whole project an elegant look. I also used golden acrylic in a thin layer on top of the decoupage images to unify them and create the look of an old treasure box. The box is small, but it can hold all your earrings or it can serve as jewellery box when you travel.


Manna said...

This is just lovely! Love the motifs on the box. You get such elegant napkins!

Croqchoco said...

Very nice. And the black color inside is a great idea.

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

This is just beautiful! I love the swirled images ... love them! And you are so right, Meda ... the black interior adds elegance as well as depth! Well done, indeed!