Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pastel Painting: Pansies (Pictura in pastel: Panselute)

This is the first painting I made in art school when we were allowed to choose whatever theme we wanted. The colors are not exacly like in real life but this is the closest photo editing I could do. I would really love to have more time for painting but for now I can hardly finish the huge 50x70cm still life paintings we have to do every week.I used a smaller A4 Canson paper for this one.
I love dry pastels but I always ruin my painting when I try to spray fix them (see the tiny white spots). I guess I should ask the pro’s of this medium for advice, but for the moment I’m having fun as it is.

Aceasta e prima pictura in pastel pe care am realizat-o la scoala de arte atunci cand profesorul ne-a dat libertatea alegerii temei. Culorile difera putin de realitare, dar nu am reusit sa editez imaginea mai bine de atat. Mi-ar place sa dedic mai mult timp picturii, dar abia reusesc sa termin subiectele saptamanale de natura statica pe care le primim la scoala (sunt mari de 50x70 cm).Pictura cu panselute e realizata doar pe format A4, pe hartie Canson.
Imi place sa lucrez cu pasteluri cretate doar ca se cam strica picturile la fixare (punctele mici albe sunt de la spray-ul fixativ). Ar trebui sa cer niste sfaturi de la profesionistii in pastel, dar momentan imi ajunge doar sa ma distrez cu acest mediu.


Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Oh my goodness ... Meda!!!
If only I could 'grow' pansies such as this!! This is delightful, my friend!! Awwwww, Panies are a traditional winter plant here in North Texas. We have just recently had to let them go for summmer plantings here! The purples are always my favorites!! Oh how I love your visions!!

Bev in Texas

Manna said...

Yep, what Bev said :) This is just gorgeous! The colours are so vibrant and detail is great! I wish I could draw or paint a good stick person. You are very talented in many ways!

Croqchoco said...

Hi Meda. Love how you painted these pansies, the colors are great. You did a fabulous job !

lilacanglia said...

Hi Meda,
WOW, the pansies are absolutely gorgeous, your a very talented lady,