Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lady Priscila Wedding Invitation (Invitatie Lady Priscila)

satin and pearl flower detail
Hi everyone.
Just a short post today to show you a new "lady" of my invitation collection: Pricila.

This is by far my favorite of them.

However, I've not been in a very good mood lately due to the rainy weather so I will have to let the pictures speak for me.


Azi doar un articol scurt sa va prezint inca o invitatie din colectia Milady: Priscila.
Acesta este modelul meu preferat din colectie.

La noi ploua de cateva zile fara intrerupere ceea ce imi da o dispozitie foarte proasta, deci inchei aici. Sper sa ne vedem maine cu un nou proiect "Cuttlebug Be Inspired".


Tatanky said...

Sooo beautiful and elegant. I really like your work.

June Houck said...

These might be my fave too, but it is difficult to choose; all of your work is lovely.

Sorry for the rain...perhaps it came from the east coast of the U.S.; we had steady rain Wednesday-Sunday a.m. All sunshine and warm temps now.

TexasGrammy said...

Meda! It's gorgeous! I love the elegance of the paper ... and that ribbon is exquisite! (You already know that I adore the rich purple!) Your wedding invitations just keep progressing up the ladder of beauty!