Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Affaire Day 3

Parisian Chic Guestbook

It's day 3 of the Wedding Affaire at the Cuttlebug Challenge blog.
I had a very long day finishing an invitation order, beginning another, purchasing supplies, and designing some more.

I also had my internet connection down for several hours so although I am extremely tired I had to stop by the blog and show you my new additions to the Parisian Chic Collection.

The image above shows the guestbook I have designed for the event. As usual, featuring my coptic stitch and my new favorite flower die from cuttlebug: "Dandelion"

Then the necklace. How versatile is a pearl necklace. You can just add a flower or butterfly brooch and.... voila! change of looks. I made mine to match the event theme and colors and I must say I am loving this collection more and more. My sketchbook is full of ideas for more items.

Parisian Chic pearl necklace with butterfly

Another hair pin. Oh, I love making these and they look so good in my hair. Too bad I can't photograph myself :) Of course, they won't resist water, but how about making them from fabric. I must try that one day.

Parisian Chic Gerber hair pin

I am not sure if I will have time for another post soon, but do follow the Cuttlebug Challenge blog for the rest of the week. The design team has some incredible ideas to share.


CuttlebugCourt said...

I'm so glad you stopped by your blog to leave some inspiration. Today I really need some. Take care and good luck. As always, I'm sure they will come out beautifully!

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Stunning creations! We've used fabric before - with a bit of Wonder Under (to iron on to jeans or quilt squares) or stabilizer (for stiffness) if needed.

Sandee said...

Meda your projects are amazing!!!

CelticWoman said...

oh this adds to your already marvelous set, just lovely. Sandi

Irena said...

Your projects are amazing beautiful.

Tatanky said...

Hi Meda !!! I love the idea of the pearl necklace...I love pearls. I just have one pearl necklace and is short...mmm I think I'll try to get one long so I can do something similar to your idea which is great !