Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black and White Invitations

I find it so intriguing that according to Google Analytics my most viewed page is the one featuring Black and white invitations.

While in other countries these colors are classic, they are certainly considered extravagant in Romania and most of our grandmothers would not be very happy to receive one, as black is associated with death and thought not to have anything to do with weddings.

Still, the trends are slowly pushing back tradition and here they are, my first black and white invitations for a Romanian wedding:

Sorry for the abundance of pictures. I just couldn't decide which ones to publish. They are taken in a hurry with my old point and shoot camera and none really shows the nice texture of the paper and envelopes.

You can still see that the layers are 3D mounted which brings a little extra attention to the whole design. And I have to brag about my dear brother having cut out all the frames (by hand, of course). Look here if you want to see what other talents my brother has.

Special thanks to Maggie for the frame digital image.


Sandee said...

OMGoodness!!! These are so elegant and gorgeous!! You do such beautiful work Meda!

Court said...

Beautiful and I love the tid bit about Romania and black and white! I love culture and found it interesting! :)

He cut those out by hand!??!

sassyb07 said...

Meda, these invitations are brillian! wow is all I can say, LOL
hugs, Valerie

Tatanky said...

Wow what can I say....GORGEOUS !