Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge - "Highly Prized"

I don't know how many of you have noticed that from the beginning of the year my blogroll has a new link in the "Challenges" section.
It's the Sketchbook Challenge blog. They have started a 1-year challenge to make sketches and share the process and I decided to join them.

For this purpose I made a new sketchbook with small pages and paper that can support wet media.
Small because I can't work fast and I tend to be intimidated by large canvases. Wet media, because I love watercolor and will probably use it on most sketches.

The theme for January is HIGHLY PRIZED".

For me greatly prized is the paper I work with (breaks my heart to throw away the tiniest bit and would love to recycle it all). That is why you will more often than not receive my invitations in reused packaging and my favorite way of making cards is by using scraps. Even this little book is made from cardstock that was left over from some of my invitation cards.

If there is anyone out there making paper by hand I would gladly send you paper scraps (free shipping).

I haven't drawn a stack of paper for the sketch challenge though. I have drawn a symbol of where paper comes from. A simple leaf. One of my favorite things on earth.


Court said...

Beautiful Meda! I know what you mean about the paper - I am the same way!

Laura said...

Wow ce dragut e asa micut! :)

sassyb07 said...

just beautiful Meda
hugs, Valerie

Bev Gerard said...

Wonderful simplicity ...
Only Meda could present this delicate leaft so beautifully.