Tuesday, May 17, 2011


How about some blog twitter? I don't use Twitter, but I thought you might want to hear a word from me. Actually it looks more like a journal entry: my thoughts written down so I can chase them away.

I was searching for something on my blog and realized my latest pictures are from angles that only show part of my work. I know where that comes from and it's frustrating.

*talking to myself* Now what should I do?

*talking to whoever wants to hear* Is it really so hard to come up with your own designs? Or if you have to copy my work, do you really need to display it online with no reference to your inspiration whatsoever?

I have hundreds of pictures of new designs that have never seen the face of my blog, not to mention all the other ideas.

How about tutorials? Why do I have to send private tutorials when I could just post them here?


Court said...

Is that same person still copying you? That's very frustrating.

Besides that, I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying motherhood to the fullest!


Te4eto said...

This is terrible, but unfortunately there are such people. Good luck!

Stephanie said...

So sorry you are still having this problem. Your work is always fantastic. Hope you are enjoying that beautiful baby.

Catrick said...

Some people...

Enjoy your son as he is so precious. BTW...did my card ever make it across the pond?


Loredana said...

Nu toate lucrurile merita luate in seama>:D< Timpul, cei de langa noi, toate sunt prea scurte pentru a lasa astfel de sentimente sa ne cuprinda.
Cineva Acolo Sus, vede, si iti poarta de grija ;)