Friday, September 30, 2011

Marie's Sunflower Invitations

Strangely I have been having quite a few requests for sunflower invitations lately, so I am continuing the series of posts on this theme.

Sunflowers are not my favorite design theme and I thought I have already exhausted it when Marie asked me for a custom version of this design.

The biggest challenge with this invitations (besides coming up with something different on an already exhausted theme) was matching them with the bridesmaids' dresses.

Marie sent me a swatch so I thought this was very important to her. But how can I match matte paper with organza?  I couldn't find any metallic paper this color.

The answer came after a few days of thinking, searching, letting ideas evolve naturally and Marie loved it.

Once the design was settled I sent her a sample, then proceeded to mass production.

Here they are the night before they flew to England.

And some recent photos of the sample I kept for myself.

Several more sunflower design ideas have emerged while working on these.
Maybe one day you will see them but I don't have proper pictures to post at the moment.


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Laura said...

Ce super sunt! Imi place floarea soarelui... poti s-o faci quilled :))) odata ce iti aduc unealta :)

Rosie Guiher said...

These are very pretty Meda!!