Friday, November 11, 2011

An Alternative to My Invitations

This is a surprise post. I had it in mind for quite a while. And look what a great date to publish it: 11.11.11

Anca and I go a couple of years back when I spotted her in a local Plaza selling handmade cards. I generally have a very critique eye and I'm not easily impressed. However, when I saw Anca's quilling cards I not only admired her work but felt a sudden urge to interact so I said hi and  the rest is history.

I now realize that the thing that drew me towards her was her sense of taking an idea or technique and making it her own. When I meet someone like this I am not afraid to open my heart and my studio and share what I know and what experiences I have accumulated as an artist.

This summer it was time to take it one step further. I was overwhelmed with work and being a fresh mother so I asked Anca to take over one of my design projects (a chandelier invitation). She did a great job. Here is just a snippet for now. I will show you the invitations in another post.

The chandelier invitations are more like me than her and you can see the various designs she created here. I was mentioning an alternative to my invitations though and I was referring to Anca's quilled invitations.

How about a quilled bouquet as an alternative to the classic bride's bouquet?

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Bev Gerard said...

Ooooh ...
I truly "hope" that she embraces the unique opportunity you have presented to her!
The result is beautiful indeed! But the "biased" TexasGrammy feels that "you" have the artistry plus influence to have made this the final "beauty" that is "is".

(((((biased hugggsss))))