Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beautiful Marks of Time

For me autumn is the season of meditation. I don't really feel like working. I just want to take long strolls while admiring the colorful nature, drink hot tea and think of all the things that are, were and are yet to come.

I was browsing through my blogroll. I found an interesting Sicilian wedding. Following the links I stumbled over this tower bell photo and thought of how much I love architecture, especially those walls that bare the marks of time on them.

How about this photo?
It reminds me of an elegant grandma just like this. I met her in Italy while I was working in her daughters hotel. I will always remember how young she was at over 80, how beautiful and fresh she was.

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Bev Gerard said...

It's a joy to admire the things that captivate your lens, Meda! The bell tower is a treasure ... as is the beautiful Grandmother and child!


Meda said...

Not my lens this time, I am barely struggling to learn settings on my camera.