Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview with Meda Halmaciu (thats's me)

This is just a short note to let you know about an interview with Meda Halmaciu that Didi Kasa published on her blog yesterday. (Thanks, Didi!)

What makes me most happy is to see this generation (5-10 years younger than myself) thrive. I love to see them get involved in different activities, having fun but being responsible at the same time. I love that I see them involved and not complaining about the lack of opportunity.

I met Didi at this workshop I taught in December where she was one of the event planners. I have to confess she gave me a lesson. I don't get out much and I have a distorted image about the younger generations, yet people like her make me believe this country still stands a chance.


Didi Kasa said...

Thank You, Meda, both for the interview and for the heads-up.
Keep up the good work and see You around at the future fairs and workshops.

A jolly evening! :)

Catrick said...

Awesome, Meda. Congrats on the interview.