Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cherry Blossom Purple Invitation

Spring is here! Although it is still cold outside, I consider my son's birthday as the official beginning of spring so here is a spring invitation.

Cherry Blossom Purple is the sister of Cherry Blossom Violette Invitation I introduced to you last autumn.

I have changed the cherry blossom graphic to match the wedding favors and tried a new purple ribbon. This is not the final version though.

For some reason I have a special affection for this cherry blossom collection. I usually take quick snapshots of my samples on the work table. However I realized that with these invitations I always made the effort to set up a nice background.

Now back to the little celebration we had yesterday we decided to only have a only a small party with close friends and family. Although I was tempted to throw a big one with official invitations and all other stuff, I realized that was far from my style. I even went classic with the birthday cake and gave up the fancy icing in favor of tasty whipped cream and berries. So much about listening to yourself instead of going with the flow. That's me and I love who I am.


Myrna said...

You have a lovely family. Happy Birthday little man. We have watched you grow and it is a lovely journey.
Your card is gorgeous, as always.

Meda said...

Thank you, Myrna! You are so sweet!

Corina Petre said...

Happy birthday little Iona!!!

Corina Petre said...

Happy birthday little Iona!!!