Friday, November 16, 2012

Felt Snowflakes Gift Tags (Etichete cadouri cu fulgi din filt)

Back to winter now with these quick and easy gift tags. The cold outside will not allow me to dream of spring too much.


Si acum, dupa o scurta visare la primavara, sa ne intoarcem la iarna ca bate la usa. Iata niste etichete pentru cadouri a caror confrctionare nu necesita prea mult timp si efort.


Catrick said...

Meda, what a wonderful idea...I may have to "case" this one day!


Meda said...

Thanks, go ahead, it's not a grand idea, just a large piece of felt I want to use up and lots of paper scraps.

lucruri said...

My first words when I saw them was WOW! Beautiful!