Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elegant Damask and Vines Wedding Invitation with Medieval Style Seal Closure (Invitatie de nunta eleganta cu damasc si vite intortocheate cu inchidere tip sigiliu de inspiratie medievala)

One of my favorite invitations I designed this summer.  It's stylish and sophisticated, yet not the usual bulky, difficult-to-mail invitation you are accustomed with.

When you hold it you can feel it's made of high quality 300 gsm metallic card stock. Actually it has 3 layers of it in the middle panel.

Since it's made with a faux seal in the medieval letter style you can order it with or without outer envelope. How about having it addressed on the back, adding a stamp and mailing it as its is?

O invitatie 'stilata', unul din modelele mele preferate din cele create azi-vara.

Formatul scisoare-plic inspirata din scrisorile medievale permite trimiterea prin posta asa cum este. Scrii adresa pe verso, timbrezi si trimiti :)

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