Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Black White Silver Masquerade Invitations (Invitatii pentru bal mascat alb negru si argintiu)

I am officially  (but not totally) on vacation. If you know me, I am a complete workaholic especially since my job = my hobby.
So, while the heat is turned off at my studio across the street and my mother is taking the last parcel to the post office, I am enjoying a cup of coffee and cream and updating this  blog.

This is a new design from my masquerade series and probably my favorite to date. I designed it for a bachelorette (hen) party and is now available on my Etsy Boutique. Good thing about Etsy, you no longer have to e-mail me for price quotations :)

I have a variation of this design to show you in a future post so check the blog during the holidays. You know you won't be hearing from me too often when real work begins.

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Catrick said...

Meda, these are stunning as usual!