Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Wonderland Guest Books (Carti de oaspeti Regatul Inghetat)

Happy new year!

With the Disney "Frozen" movie being so en vogue right now, the winter season caught me making winter wonderland invitations and matching guestbooks which I really enjoyed. Although they were all going in different places and they were ordered about the same time, I couldn't make them identical and I still have a few ideas left.

This first guestbook was made for a wedding in Paris. My heart is with you Ailin, and with everyone in France living under terror after the recent attacks. May God protect you from any harm.

This one was made for a little boy's christening. You can also see the matching invitations and place card/money envelope.

Last but not least, Eva's christening guest book. God bless you little princess.

On a more personal note, the beginning of the year found me setting goals and making plans.
One of them regards this blog which has been much neglected from lack of time and will.
I was wondering, should I continue posting, is anyone still following? Anyway I am going to try and post at least 3 times per month if not for anything else, for practicing discipline.

What would you like to read about?

I can't do videos. I lack the technology and the will to learn how to do it.... for now.
I have also decided to step back on card making.
I still make wedding invitations, but that isn't coming easy in lack of a messy creative space. Renting a studio had become too expensive so I decided to work from home in order to give more time and attention to my family.

In exchange I have got back to fine art. Whether it's a large mixed media canvas or an online watercolor course, I find myself often with a brush and pain in my hands. My older son, Iona, seems to be following in my footsteps which makes my heart sing with joy., that was a long post. I really missed you. Have a lovely 2015.


Catrick said...

Meda, lovely to hear your "voice"again. I am still here.

Stephanie said...

Loved seeing your post. The Frozen projects are a work of art, just beautiful. Love seeing what you are working on.

Kim said...

Hello Meda! I am still following your blog and always love seeing your beautiful work. I would enjoy seeing any of your fine art that you want to share. Happy 2015!

Meda said...

Hey Cathy, I am glad you are still here. Kim, I think that will be my next week's post.
Hi, Stephanie. Great to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Este minunat tot ce am vazut aici. Bineinteles ca ar trebui sa continui sa postezi. Mult succes in continuare.

lucruri said...

Meda, you are such an inspiration for me, so please post some more. Love everything you do. You are my first guest from a series of posts - Amazing artists.

I really love you.