Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Life Paintig Exam (Examen pictura natura statica)

This was my final exam painting. It was painted after real life in about 10 hours. Dry pastels on Canson paper 50x65 cm (20x26 inches). I still have to learn how to draw curtains in color so that will be my next painting study.

Aceasta este lucrarea mea pentru examenul de sfarsit de an. Timp de lucru: aprox 10 ore. Materiale: pastel pe hartie Canson, 50x 65 cm. Inca mai am de invatat cum se realizeaza drapajul in culoare, deci asta va fi urmatoarea mea tema de studiu.


Croqchoco said...

Very nice, especially the 3 bottles which are especially perfect !

Meda said...

Actually it was the apple that my teacher and everyone else at school were impressed by and I got the maximum grade because of it. I ate the apple after that :P

Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

The apple, eh???
It does look delicious ... but I also LOVE the cobalt bottle! Isn't it delightful that everyone finds a little something 'else' to love in art forms!? I applaud you for this training, Meda! I plodded through my art classes (cough cough ... several ... years ago in college!) Cheeers to you!!