Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunflower Watercolor Card (Floarea soarelui in acuarel)

This is my first watercolor card. I have tried watercolor pencils before, but this one is painted with classic watercolors. Conclusion: I preffer watercolors in tubes and I think you will be seing more of these cards.
The inspiration for this card was found [here.]

Prima mea felicitare in acuarel. Pana acum am mai incercat creioane acuarel, dar imaginea aceasta e pictata cu acuarele clasice. Concluzia: prefer acuarelele in tub si cred ca voi mai face astfel de felicitari.
Aceasta felicitare este inspirata de [aici].


lilacanglia said...

Absolutely gorgeous,
look forward to seeing more of these lovely cards,

Savor the Journey said...

I'm so glad to see that you're loving watercoloring, Meda! It certainly seems to "love" you! I love the added dimension as well! Have a sweet weekend!

Manna said...

So glad to see you posting this card! Love your water colouring. I wish I could paint or colour half as well as you. Look forward to seeing more!

maiaT said...

Your works are very beautiful and your blog too.

Donna said...

What a gorgeous card and I love the coloring. I am so impressed that you drew the sunflower. Wish I could do that. You should design stamps!
Donna in Indiana