Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emerald and Green Masquerade Ball Invitation (Invitatie verde smarald si auriu pentru bal mascat)

On the third day of Christmas you are all invited to this grand masquerade ball :)
In a treia zi de Craciun sunteti cu totii invitati la un mare bal mascat :)

masquerade invitation

invitatie bal mascat

masquerade ball invitation inside

invitatie bal mascat verde auriu

On the fourth day of Christmas I made some more emerald and green invitations...
In a patra zi de Craciun am mai facut niste invitatii verde smaral cu auriu...

masquerade ball invitation ensemble
This is a group picture :)
Poza de grup :)

emerald invitation with  a mask with gold sequins

Here is one with a mask on a stick. The mask is sponged with gold and adorned with sequins.
Iata un model cu o masca pe bat. Masca e aurita si decorata cu paiete.

peacock feather invitation

We even have peacocks at the ball :)
Avem chiar si pauni invitati la bal.

When inspiration strikes, I cannot help it but let it manipulate me. Therefore I have about 5 more designs on this Gold and Emerald Masquerade Ball theme. I haven't assembled and photographed them yet, but I will post them here as soon as I do.

Iar cand ma paleste inspiratia, nu am de ales si trebuie s-o las sa ma conduca. Asa se face ca mai am inca vreo 5 modele pe tema acestui bal mascat auriu cu verde smarald.Le veti vedea intr-o zi cand le voi asambla si fotografia.

Now let's see what's up on the Cuttlebug Challenge blog.
Acum hai sa vedem ce e nou pe Cuttlebug Challenge blog.


Beth said...

I have one word for your invitation Meda BEAUTIFUL

issa said...

imi place f. mult invitatia cu pana de paun :) superba !

DANIELLE said...


Meda said...

I don't understand what 200? is, but, yes, I do weddings.

Dennita said...

Im having a masqurade ball and i saw these invitations and was wondering if you could make them for me but at what price? and how long would it take for u to make approx 300

Meda said...

Dennita, I can probably make 300 in 2 moths. Price for invitation + envelope is $5.

shaquira said...

how much would it be for yu to make 300 of the simplest masquerade invitations you have..with no envelopes.?

Meda said...

It's really hard to answer this, shaquira. I don't know what "simplest" means. It's the cost of materials plus $5/hour of work.

Anonymous said...

I would like to order some of these invitations- around 60 pieces. Although I would like to make a few adjustments. How may I contact you please?

Anonymous said...

question for you...where did you get those masks? did you cut them out yourself or by them from somewhere? i really love the design!

Meda said...

Made them from scratch. Here is a tutorial: