Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pink Rose Invitations - on Simplicity and Honesty (Invitatii cu tandafiri roz - despre simplitate si sinceritate)

So often I hear "I want something more simpe" when they actually mean "cheaper".
It bothers me more than I am willing to admit. So much that I even made invitation for $1 instead of $3.50 just for the honesty of telling me "that is how much I can afford".

However this is not the main reason of my post today.
I just wanted to share some of my older designs I used to be very fond of back in 2005.

Last week while we were making an album together my friend Bianca noticed how much my style has changed in the past years.

I pulled out some pink invitations from my box to keep with this month's color theme.
Here they are:

Sorry for the bad quality photos. They were taken 5 years ago with who knows what camera :)


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sassyb07 said...

hi Meda, they are as beautiful now as they were back then!
hugs, Valerie