Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiny Eco Notebook

It started as a long post with lots of personal and sentimental things. Then, at a certain point, the words just wouldn't flow naturally, so I deleted everything and left only the picture.

Here we go again...

This is a very small notebook, made from paper scraps and some felt in which our furniture was wrapped. The actual binding is done by Bianca and the notebook is now in use by my husband. Perfect gift for an engineer. Fits in his pocket, can be carried around easily and hopefully gives him the opportunity to brag about his artist wife... maybe just a little :)

.... Just a few more considerations for those of you who will make one for a very practical recipient:

Of course, the closing system had to be removed. What on earth was I thinking to put the button on the back cover? It is not logical, as Spock from Star Trek, would say (must have seen that movie 10 times). On top of that, why even have a closing? Yep, careful not to hurt my feelings, my dear hubby decided to cut the ribbon and button and hence personalize his little book.

How about that leaf? I simply love it. It's inspired by an oak leaf from the forest where I used to play as a child. I kept the dry leaf for years, then one day I drew it in my sketchbook. I think the leaf is still in the sketchbook. I cannot part with it. I think I am going to make a tiny pocket and keep it there forever.


Juliana said...

Absolutely love it! Beautiful!!

Corina Petre said...

Foarte dragut...asteptam sa-l vad!

Shelley said...

It's wonderful Meda!

eva said...

I love these things

Bev Gerard said...

I adore the story of your leaf, Meda. Makes me wish that I had held onto a long-ago sweet piece of my youth on a sandy farm in Oklahoma. From your sketch, the leaf and the memory stays alive, and is seen on most days ... thus it is now a treasure!

Sweet week to you,

Gabi said...

Hello Meda,
I have found your blog pretty recently and let me tell you what a joy it is. I simply love your work! The notebook idea: brilliant. And the story about the leaf, loved it.

PS: Nastere usoara!