Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Sketch Challenge: OPPOSITES

Thank you so much  for your feedback on yesterday's post. I really appreciate all the support I got from everyone. I definitely don't intend to stop sharing. On the contrary. However, I do think a lot what to say and what to leave out from my blog posts. I wish I could share my creative process, my space, my tools, my new shopping adventures, my newest designs, a few tutorials and so on. But how can I open the door when I know wolves are out there, ready to grab whatever comes out? (That is another episode. Today we are talking about opposites.)

If you remember my post from last month, I have decided to join the Sketchbook Challenge this year and I am happy to let you know I managed to do the February theme too. The theme is OPPOSITES. I thought about it for a while. For me, opposites are black and white, man and woman.... but none of these themes called for a sketch until one day it came to me: LEFT AND RIGHT.  When it comes to drawing, one of my greatest challenges is symmetry. I know I am a little obsessed with perfectionism and I used to take 9 hours for the same still life my colleagues in art school drew in 2.  But that is something I like about myself and although I will not accomplish as much and as fast in this lifetime as others I know I am enjoying every moment of it.

So what about this butterfly? This is the very first time I actually sat down and took the time to draw a proper butterfly. I was always scared of drawing them because I had to make the wings symmetric. So one night when I was too tired to do anything else I took a butterfly stamp, glued it to my sketchbook and used it as guide to exercise my symmetric drawing.


planetaoma said...

Foarte frumos si foarte poetic ai descris situatia. Schitele si picturile iti dezvaluie si mai tare talentul.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [23 Feb 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

sassyb07 said...

you did a fabulous drawing Meda
hugs, Valerie

Bev Gerard said...

We are so blessed to see what you feel secure in sharing with us, Meda! I completely understand.