Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Engagement Invitations (Invitatii de logodna la Craciun)

While getting engaged at Christmas is not something out of common I was very surprised when Georgiana asked me for engagement invitations in Christmas style and colors. So  went crazy with red green and cream, velvet ribbons, buttons, snowflakes and hearts until I came up with 3 designs that the future bride picked for her engagement party.


Iata invitatiile pentru logodna Georgianei. Cu toate ca e ceva comun sa se faca logdna de Craciun nu m-as fi asteptat ca cineva sa-mi ceara si invitatii in stilul felicitarilor de Craciun.

The invitation wording will be handwritten as is the handstamped background for the text and envelope lining.


Interiorul plicurilor si al invitatiilor sunt stampilate manual, mesajul urmand sa fie scris tot de mana.

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